Body Contouring

The PelleFirm® System - Non-Invasive Body Contouring

The PelleFirm® System is a pain free, non-invasive radio frequency treatment for the body. PelleFirm® is designed to smooth your skin and provide temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

PelleFirm® is powered by the Pellevé® S5 RF Generator, which also powers the Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction hand pieces for facial skin tightening.

Body Contouring Sulphur Springs and Rockwall TX

This state-of-the-art system is comprised of two large diameter hand pieces which are sized for the body and elevate tissue temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius, coupled with mechanical message heads for treatment of areas with cellulite.

Body Sculpting

PelleFirm can address almost any area of the body and is ideal for problem zones including the abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs and can be used on all skin types. Like Pellevé, a PelleFirm RF Body Treatment system is effective, delivering visible results with no pain and no downtime.

Body Contouring Results Body Sculpting Results

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