Laser Hair Removal

Remove Unwanted Hair 

Laser hair removal can help make unwanted hair on the body and face a thing of the past. Lone Star Surgery specializes in laser hair removal using the Cheveux II Diode Laser. By using laser energy, unwanted hairs regrowth cycle is disrupted. With each treatment, less and less hair will grow back.

The Cheveux laser system targets the melanin within the hair shaft, delivering laser energy directly into the shaft. The energy safely disrupts the hair's ability to regrow. Seven to ten days after treatment, hair that was treated will begin to fall out and will not grow back.

Your hair actually goes through three phases: growth, regression and rest. Only during the growth phase will a laser hair reduction treatment disrupt hair regrowth. For optimal results multiple treatments are suggested, usually three to six for any given treatment area.


What to Expect During Treatment

Depending on the mode of operation chosen, you can expect to feel a gentle heating sensation or a slight stinging sensation similar to a rubber band snap on the skin. The treated area may be slightly pink and tender immediately following the treatment will resolve within within hours. You should be able to return to your daily activates right away.

How is Cheveux™ different from other procedures?

Cheveux utilizes smooth flow 10p technology for a more comfortable and shorter treatment. Other laser hair reduction systems require patients to have high contrast between hair and skin tone.  The high energy used may damage darker skin tones when treating the hair follicle. Smooth Flow allows for the safe treatment of all skin tones while effectively removing unwanted hair.