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Birth Control Specialist

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If you’re sexually active with the potential to become pregnant and are not yet ready for children, you need to choose a method of birth control that works for you. At LoneStar Clinic in Sulphur Springs and Rockwall, Texas, Tiffany Gebel, MD, FACOG, and the team can help you explore birth control methods and learn about each. Book your appointment for birth control counseling by phone or online at either LoneStar Clinic location today.

Birth Control Q&A

What is birth control?

Birth control, also called contraception, refers to the many methods you can use to prevent pregnancy if you’re sexually active and capable of becoming pregnant. Finding a birth control method that works well for both you and your partner allows you to plan if or when you want to get pregnant. 

If you want to remain sexually active but aren’t yet financially, physically, mentally, or emotionally ready for pregnancy, the team at LoneStar Clinic can help you review the many methods of birth control available at the clinic. Additionally, they provide pregnancy testing and sexually transmitted disease testing. 

If you have more than one sexual partner, the team at LoneStar Clinic might encourage you to use male condoms in addition to your chosen method of contraception. The team teaches you how to use each kind of birth control for maximum effectiveness. 

What are my options for birth control?

The LoneStar Clinic team has extensive experience providing birth control and teaching patients about each type. You and your partner can come in and ask questions and request a new type if the first method you choose is too high maintenance or difficult for you to use correctly. 

A few of the most popular birth control methods available with counseling at LoneStar Clinic are:

  • Hormonal vaginal rings
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Combined hormonal oral contraceptives
  • Progestin-only pills
  • Injections
  • Implants for under your skin
  • Skin patches

In addition to these popular methods, LoneStar Clinic is one of the few practices in Sulphur Springs to offer sterilization. Sterilization is a permanent form of birth control that renders you unable to become pregnant. If you’re certain that you don’t want a child in the future, the team can discuss sterilization with you as an option for contraception. 

What should I consider when choosing birth control?

You might choose to try one or more different types of birth control before settling on one that works well for you. The team at LoneStar Clinic helps you select methods that work well with your lifestyle and preferences. A few factors to consider while making this choice are:

  • How often you have to take it
  • The effectiveness of the method
  • Your marital or relationship status
  • Whether or not you want to have children in the future
  • Whether or not the method is reversible
  • Potential side effects

Certain methods of birth control also have additional benefits to consider. For example, condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases, and some contraceptives allow you to have a more predictable menstrual cycle and may even decrease acne. You have many options, and what works for you might not be the same as what works for someone else. 

Book your birth control counseling appointment by phone or online at your nearest LoneStar Clinic location today.